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» Porta Potti Excellence recognised with important European Design Award

05 February 2013
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» Introducing the Aqua Rinse Plus with a NEW Formula available early 2013

05 February 2013
Press Release - NEW Aqua Rinse Plus Press Release.pdf

» Introducing the next generation of portable toilets in Australia

07 March 2012
Press Release - Introducing the next generation of portable toilets in Australia.pdf

» Thetford: Awarded prestigious environmental award

08 January 2009

Thetford - awarded prestegious environmental certifications.pdf

» Thetford Additives: What is the difference?

05 December 2008
Thetford Toilet Care - what is the difference.pdf

» Be your own judge: check out the "Toilet Paper Test"

24 November 2008

Aqua Soft Toilet Paper is a specifically developed suoer-soft toilet paper that quickly dissovles in your waste-holding tank. This prevents clogging and makes the waste-holding tank easier to empty. Ordinary toilet paper doesn't break down so easily and can cause blockages. Using Aqua Soft prevents malfunctions or damage to your waste holding tank while also protecting moving parts.

To view the toilet paper test please click here